About us

We are a local chapter of the Missouri Green Party located in Missouri's 7th Congressional District, in Joplin, MO. Guided by a moral compass and our 10 Key Values; Grassroots Democracy, Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice and Equal Opportunity, Non-Violence, Decentralization, Community Based Economics, Feminism, and Respect for Diversity. Our organization stands firm in championing People, Planet & Peace over Profit!

Upcoming Events

Join us any time for one of our upcoming events!

Green Party Monthly Meeting

Joplin Public Library

Jan. 27th 2018 4p-6p

Join us for our Monthly General GP Meeting. Come and learn more about the Green Party, our chapter and what we're doing to energize and strengthen our communities!

The Green Party is an officially recognized political party in Missouri with statewide ballot access!

Our meetings are open to the public and for those wishing to learn more about the Green Party and our chapter.

Our Chapter is currently working on Ballot Initiatives for Ranked Choice Voting, Proportional Representation, A Green New Deal, Medical Marijuana, Clean Missouri and Protections for Initiatives passed by voters. Find out more about these initiatives at our meeting.

We are currently signing members up for several working committees. Come to the meeting to learn how you can get involved!

We have joined the Adopt-A-Highway program to do our part and help keep our roads and environment clean. We have also adopted flower beds at the Joplin Public Library we will regularly take care of.

Snacks and refreshments provided!

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